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Wasps can be a particular problem in the cooler Autumn days and at that time may pose a higher risk of stings. If you need to get rid of wasps and have a wasp nest on your property the easiest and safest option is to have it treated by a professional pest controller.

Naturally defensive of their nests Wasps will sting anyone or anything (without provocation) just for walking near to the nest. Children are also at particular risk when playing in the garden and should be advised to stay away from an area where there is a Wasp nest. So if you have a nest in your home, shed, garage or garden, you should have it treated to avoid the risk of being stung.

Wasp stings are painful and also carry a risk from infection. Wasps are predators who spend a lot of their time hunting for smaller insects which often like living in nasty dirty places. When wasps are hunting for these insects they tend to spend a lot of time walking about in these dirty areas dragging their stings through whatever dirt and bacteria happens to be there. As wasps age, bacteria migrates up the sting and lives in the venom sack, so not only are you receiving a painful dose of venom when stung, but also most likely an unhealthy dose of bacteria. They will also eat their way into foodstuffs and have a particular liking for sugars both natural and refined.

DIY stores and garden centres sell products that claim to get rid of your wasps, and it is often tempting to try and save yourself a few pounds. Choosing to get rid of wasps yourself is not a decision that should be taken lightly and can be dangerous if not done properly.
We cover the same region as Aberdeen City Council for pest control and further. 
Where can you find wasp nests?
A Lot of nests are around peoples homes within Aberdeen.
The majority are: 
Along the side of windows. 
Under Guttering
Any hole around your house can be used by wasps to gain access and build a nest. EPC Pest Control deal with these every day in Aberdeen during the summer, and many odder places such as, 
Bird Boxes, 
Into the ground, 
within Hedges and trees,
Pest Control in Aberdeen used to be necessary to remove wasp nests however now we can treat them with many diffrent insecticides to adapt to any situation.wheather you live in a third floor flat or a castle, eveen a caravan we can get to and treat your wasp nest quickly and effectively in and around Aberdeen.
All our work is guarenteed.
What do wasps do in the winter?
A wasps season generally starts of in the spring time.
As the weather at this time gets warmer the queen wasps will start to come out of hibernation. this is when they start looking to find there nesting area.
once this is found the queen wasp will start on her nest and build the first layer, this is then handed over to the sterile female wasps to do.Durng the winter months most wasps die this excludes queens which go into hibernation untill the time comes to pop out and start nesting.
Should you treat a wasp nest yourself ?
It has been our experience that unqualified unexperienced individuals should not try to treat a wasp nest on there own. 
Wasps react diffrently to diffrent insectocides and some can cause severe excitment while others do not.  You do not want to be in a loft with a nest full of excited wasps trust me!!
If you are in any doubt or would like any help to find out if you have a wasp nest or even to tell if it is infact a wasps nest you have, please do feel free to call us and we will help you as much as we can.