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Bed Bug Removal 

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Bed Bugs are without doubt one of the most uncomfortable bugs you can have in your home! They can enter your home on clothes, or even on old furniture, If you have been away on holiday, they may have been within a bed in a hotel you were staying and nestle onto your clothes and then hitched a ride back to your house.

They are small and can get into carpets and crevices, even within skirting boards so it is important to spray everywhere as a treatment to avoid reinfestation of these mites.

The lifecycle covers multiple stages:


Stage 1 Larva 1.5mm is the Egg

Stage 2 Larva Nymph 2mm this gets 1 blood meal then molts

Stage 3 Larva 2.5mm long 1 blood meal then molts

Stage 4 Larva 3mm long takes a blood meal then molts

Stage 5 4.5mm long  takes one blood meal and then molts

Stage 6 Adult Takes repeated blood meals over several weeks.


Females lay up to 5 eggs per day continuously 


We are regularly asked what bedbugs are attracted to! Heat and the carbon dioxide you breathe out while sleeping are the main attractions. The bugs then bite into exposed skin.

Not everyone gets the same reaction, so just because you have red bite marks on you and someone else does not, means simply that they may be less prone to reaction to the bite. 


Symptoms are - Itchy red bumps one to nine days after being bitten, usually on the face, neck, hand or arm.


However let me reassure you that Bed bugs are not dangerous. rather they can be annoying and very stressful insect to live with!! if you are having any problems please do call straight away and we can usually have your premisis treated within 24 hours of your call.