Rodents such as Mice or Rats carry diseases which can damage your health, ruin the reputation of businesses and may eat through electrical cables and other items of furniture. Late Autumn sees a rise in the number of mice call outs for us and this normally relates to the time when Field mice are seeking somewhere warmer than the garden or fields to live in. They may enter the attic or live under the floor, often near to the central heating boiler pipes, often knawing at the lagging to make nests.
The rodents will quickly breed and it won't be long until a couple of field mice turns into multiple rodents and an even bigger issue. You can buy traps and other methods of rodent control from the supermarket or ironmongers  to attempt your own control. If using any poisons please make sure you dispose of the carcasses found safely as other animals such as your neighbours cat may find them interesting to their peril. EPC offers specialist pest control of all rodent species. Individual jobs of eradication can be conducted in homes, farms, restaurants, and other buildings. Preventative contracts are a cheaper option available and provide you with peace of mind with the knowlegde that we have inspected your property and have left poison boxes at identified points. Boxes are inspected on a regular six weekly basis and replenished if required. You will receive regular reports about our visit, work carried out and any issues identified.